Design Parameters

The competition is to design public interaction installations that will allow visitors to sit in the shade and engage with one another.  The programmatic requirements include the following:

  1. Seating for two or more

  2. Shade, may be partial

  3. 10’ x 10’ footprint maximum

  4. Installation must be self-supporting


There will a total of three winners selected. Each winner will receive a cash stipend upon installation. This is a design-build competition, winning entrants will be expected to fabricate and install their designs. Installation will occur per below:

  • One Honor Award, $2,000

  • Two Merit Awards, $1,500 each

  • The winning entries will be built and installed as temporary art installations by the entrants.

  • Installation can occur anytime between 10:00 am through 4:00 pm Saturday, August 17th, 2019

  • Awards ceremony to be on-site 5:00 pm, Saturday, August 17th, 2019

  • Below is a photo of the square. The entries will be installed around the grassy center on the existing concrete walk. There will be no permanent anchorage allowed.

  • Parking is immediately adjacent to the installation areas.

  • Installations will be removed by AIARE volunteers Wednesday, 9:00 pm, August 21st. Entrants do not need to be present, but are welcome to stay.

  • Winning entrants will be provided with professional photography.

  • Installations are eligible for donation to AIARE for de-install. Alternatively installations may be property of entrants and must be removed at 8pm Wednesday.

  • The winning selections and their designers will be featured publicly in the Santa Rosa Wednesday Night Market that occurs in the square.

  • Each winning entrant or team will be paired with a local emergent professional structural engineer to provide suggestions.



call for entries may 22, 2019

registration deadline EXTENDED: JULY 1, 2019


finalists revealed JULY 13, 2019

delivery & installation AUGUST 17, 2019

de-installation (BY AIARE) AUGUST 21, 2019

Entry Submissions

Electronic files

Registration is required. Submission is to be digital format, online, per the link below. Please note:

  • One (1) 24” X 36” PDF presentation file. There shall be one image each of the views, photographs, drawings or diagrams you wish to present. Show all exterior views that are required to reasonably describe the project.

  • Presentation board to include a minimum of one digital or hand-drafted rendering of finished installation in addition to any plan views, elevations, diagrams or other communications necessary to properly convey design intent. Renderings of project with people to show the design in use are encouraged. Renderings can be digitally or hand-produced.

  • Presentation board to include a brief narrative, roughly 500 words, to convey the following information:

    • design intent

    • How the team or entrant plans to physically assemble the piece if selected

    • Proposed materials used

    • Proposed means of structural integrity

  • Identity and contact information to be included within a 3” tall by 5” wide area immediately bordering the bottom right-hand side of the presentation image. The identity of the entrant(s) is not to be presented anywhere else within the image. Information will be concealed during jury deliberation and judging.


Upload electronic files through AIARE registration portal, follow the naming convention as instructed on the portal.

AIARE will not accept responsibility for errors in submitted material. Do not email files. By making a submission, each entrant certifies that permission has been obtained from the photographer(s) to publish the submitted photographs and electronic images for publicity in the interest of the profession.


Visit with any questions.

*Upload hint: Attach each file (images and word files). . . do not upload a folder or zip file. A confirmation email will automatically be sent to you when the submission has been downloaded.

Deadlines, Fees and Entry Forms

Advance registration fee of $50 per submission is required. All registrations must be completed no later than July 1, 2019.

All completed submissions must be received by AIARE no later than 11:59 p.m., July 1, 2019.

Eligibility and Authorship

All eligible entries must have been designed or have included within the design team a professional member either engaged within an educational program or working within the profession of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, or construction management. All design team members and other consultants substantially contributing to the design of the project must be given credit as part of the submission. For projects in which more than one architecture firm contributes to the design, all the architecture firms must be given appropriate credit as part of the submission.


Awards may be presented in two categories. Honor Awards recognize overall design excellence. Merit Awards recognize excellence in a particular aspect of project design. The jury is comprised of distinguished design professionals from outside of AIARE. There are no entry categories and no detailed criteria beyond those in this announcement. The projects are not judged in competition with each other, but rather by measuring the designer’s performance against each project’s potential. Thus, projects of ordinary program or modest budget can receive an award based on the architect’s skill in optimizing the design opportunity.

The entrant of each winning entry will receive a certificate of the award in addition to a monetary stipend. Winning entrants will be required to fabricate and install a reasonable likeness of the design represented. Representatives for the entrants must be present at the awards celebration to receive the certificate and monetary award. Awards celebration will be the immediate afternoon of the installation. In addition, the winning design entrant may be asked to discuss the project at the awards celebration. A professional photographer will be present to document the installations, images will be provided free of charge to the winners.